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Welcome to the Town of Clark's Harbour 

The Town of Clark's Harbour is located on Cape Sable Island, nestled on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.  This town of a little over 800 people will capture your attention with its white sand beaches and sparkling blue water that surrounds it.

This small fishing town has character all its own and is a peaceful, relaxing place to visit.  Right in the middle of town you can find the Tourist Bureau, Canada Post Corporation, a grocery store, an eat-in restaurant, a take-out restaurant, a seaside boardwalk, recreation facilities and much more to satisfy anyone's needs.

Most of the people who reside in Clark's Harbour rely on the fishing industry to make a living which includes fishing, lobstering, and boatbuilding. Come and learn all about the different types of fishing, watch boats being made, and taste our world-famous lobsters. 

Clark's Harbour has much to offer if you're looking for interesting things to do. We have bird watching for the nature lovers, a ball field for the sports fans, and two restaurants that specialize in our delicious seafood. 

We believe that you'll not only treasure each moment of your stay with us, but that you'll also leave a piece of your heart behind when you go.

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